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Practitioner Biographies

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Cassandra Rose

Cassandra has been in the rhelm of healing arts since a very young age. With 2 near death experiences at ages 2 & 3 her path took her onto a lifetime of self healing and deep growth. She is a 200 RYT, 18 year certified massage therapist, clinical Womens herbalist and sanctioned shamanic practitioner under the “foundation for shamanic studies”. She currently acts as a full time Women's self care and intimacy coach, while continuing to learn and grow in all areas of holistic wellness.

Cassandra is currently enrolled in trauma specialist training and continues to nurture those she loves with her passions for mindful movement and healthy integration through food, herbs & breath.


Cassandra will be offering “Medicine flow” every Tuesday from 6:45-7:45pm at The Bright Center

She will also be sharing her gifts and knowledge through other events and gatherings here.

Check our Events page for added classes and workshops!

Trisha Cox
Trish Cox, a New York native and Bailey local is excited to bring her energy and spirit to 285 Corridor. Who's ready to boogie with her??
Palango is a high intensity dance program, incorporating a unique mix of MMA styles, boxing, and Capoeira choreographed to the most mesmerizing Latin rhythms. This fusion of styles helps boost your endurance, pump up your cardio and leaves you sore for days. Palango! Fitness is for anyone and everyone; move your body, dance freely and get ready to sweat your ass off! 

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Rhonda Donahoo

Rhonda has been practicing Tai Chi and Qigong since 1988. She started teaching Tai Chi in 1995, creating Tai Chi by the Sea. In 1999, she completed the Tai Chi for Arthritis workshop, and the Advanced Part 2 in May 2002, with founder Dr. Paul Lam. She continued her study of Qigong with Dr. Roger Jahnke, The Healing Promise of Qigong workshop in November 2002.  In 2017 she was certified to lead Jahnke’s Healer Within Practice Sessions. Rhonda’s knowledge covers basic Qigong, traditional yang style Tai Chi long and short, modern 24, 40, 42, fan, staff and sword forms.

Cynde Denson
Cynde is a Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Shambhava Vinyasa Instructor, Mindfulness Teacher, Leadership Facilitator and a Co-Active® Coach. She also holds multiple certifications in leadership, productivity and the DISC system of behavioral styles. Throughout 30 years of teaching contemplative and leadership skills, Cynde has navigated the terrain of practicing and teaching many styles of yoga and meditation while balancing a demanding corporate career and personal life, fraught with inevitable difficulties. Cynde is steadfast in her belief that Yoga and mindfulness can be practiced by all, regardless of physical ability, age, or gender. Her passion is sharing the power of these practices to transform the quality of our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.  Find out more about Cynde or read her blog at .

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Megan Aadland
Megan is a daily painter from Pine, Colorado who uses oils to capture the essence of her subject with as few brushstrokes as possible. She was interested in art and drawing from a young age but only started painting five years ago. She believes anyone can become the artist they desire with patience and passion. She believes making art is a fun, freeing form of play that is always available to us. 

Phil Catalano
Phil is a Craftsman and Hobbyist and has been making Drums for 33 years... helping people make over 400 Drums.  His other Hobbies include Cutting & Polishing Gemstones, and Esoteric Studies. He is also a Metaphysician and Wizard with both formal University Studies including Studies with several Mystery Schools, and Practical Experience with Personal Practices. He has
several Science Degrees including Parapsychology. He is also a Scientist and Aerospace (NASA) Engineer. He is a Teacher and has Classes in: Gemstones- Spiritual, Metaphysical and
Healing Attributes of Gemstones; Magick & Metaphysics; Drum Making Workshops; Understanding Conspiracies (No Theory - Only Truthful, Documented and Published Factual Information.

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